Breakfast Menu
available until 11am

Muesli -  $10.50
house made muesli, seasonal fruit, greek yoghurt, milk

House baked toast -  $6.00
rustic sourdough, butter and condiments (V)

House baked fruit toast - $7.50
thick cut fruit toast, with butter (V)

Croquettes - $19.00
smoked ham and cheddar croquettes with poached eggs hollandaise sauce

Eggs on Toast  - $9.00
your choice of eggs as you like served on rustic sourdough

Eggs Benedict
poached eggs, Spinach, and hollandaise sauce on homemade brioche

with leg ham                                               $17.50
with smoked salmon                                    $19.50

Breakfast Bagel - $14.50
with mushroom cream cheese, roast tomato and bacon 

Big Breakfast - $23.50
two eggs (cooked to your liking) bacon, mushroom, tomato
baked beans, Italian sausage, hash-brown on rustic sourdough

French Toast - $15.00
cinnamon crusted with crisp apples, maple syrup, mascarpone

egg, tomato, hash brown, bacon, hollandaise -  $2.50
Italian sausage, chorizo, mushrooms, smoked salmon - $2.50

gluten free bread -  $3.50


Soup of the day - $9.5
with toasted sourdough                                           

Arancini - $11.5
with shaved pecorino and herb oil

Peppered Calamari - $18.5
with dressed rocket and nam jim

Caesar Salad gfo - $17.5
add chicken $22.5

Mediterranean Salad gf   - $17.5
quinoa, roasted cauliflower & pumpkin, pomegranate seeds
rocket, spiced yoghurt, feta, fresh herbs

add chicken $22.5

Fish & Chips  -  $24
beer battered Tasmanian flake, fries, dressed rocket tartare

Southern Fried Chicken Burger - $15.5
cheese, bacon, cos, chipotle aioli, fries 

Beef Burger - $16
bacon, rocket, cheese, pickled cucumber, smoky bbq sauce, fries

Steak Sandwich - $18.5
scotch fillet, beetroot relish, rocket, tomato, cheese bacon, fries 

Dressed greens $6

Seasonal veg $7

Fries $6

Pasta  11am—8pm

Napolitana                                 E $16  M $19
tomato, onion, garlic, fresh herbs

Bolognese                                  E $17  M $21
rich tomato, beef, pork, red wine

Carbonara                                  E $17.5  M $21.5
bacon, onion, white wine, cream, egg

Matriciana                                  E $17.5  M $22.5
spicy chorizo sausage, bacon, salami  chilli, garlic, onion napoli sauce

Fungi                                          E $17  M $20
swiss, button and oyster mushrooms garlic, white wine cream, parsley

Marinara                                                 $25.5
napoli sauce prawns, fresh mussels, calamari, fish, garlic

Traditional Lasagne                                $19.5

Vegetarian Lasagne                                $19.5

Pasta options:

gnocchi (extra $3)

 Panini 11am-5pm

 P1) ham                                  10.5
cheese, tomato

P2) prosciutto                         12.5
mozzarella, roasted capsicum, eggplant rocket, basil pesto

P3) chicken breast                  12.5
bocconcini, tomato salsa, rocket basil pesto

 P4) roasted pumpkin             12.5
semi dried tomato, caramelized onion, spinach, feta

 P6) turkey                              12.5
brie, cranberry, red onion, rocket 

all paninis are served with a small side salad

Pizza menu   5pm-8pm

                                                      SM        MED       LGE

Garlic                                               8          -          -
fresh garlic, olive oil, cheese 

Herb                                                 8            -          -
herb pesto, olive oil, cheese

Tommy                                             8          10        12
napoli sauce, fresh garlic, Cheese

Aussie                                            14.5      18.5      22.5
ham, bacon, onion, egg

Italia                                             14.5      16.5      19.5
olives, garlic, anchovies

Zeps                                              16.5      19.5      23.5
ham, mushroom, onion, black olives, mild salami, anchovies, oregano

Pepperoni                                      15        19.5      23.5
hot salami, ham, capsicum, chilli

Sanremo                                       16.5      19.5      23.5
ham, prawns, pineapple, mushroom         

Carne                                            14.5      18.5      22.5
ham, bacon, mild salami, onion            

BBQ Chicken                                 16.5      19.5      23.5
chicken, onion, pineapple, bbq sauce 

Vegetarian                                   14.5      18.5      22.5
capsicum, mushroom, green olives, onion garlic

Supreme                                      16.5      20.5      23.5
a touch of everything (excluding seafood) 

Marinara                                      17.5      21.5      24.5
prawns, mussels, anchovies, octopus, garlic

Margherita                                     14        17        21
napoli sauce, bocconcini, fresh basil

Bomber                                         16.5      20.5      23.5
ham, mild salami, olives, capsicum, mushroom,garlic, chilli 

Tropical                                        14.5      18.5      22.5
ham, pineapple                    

Gourmet Pizzas
All medium thin base

g1) Roasted Vege - $21
semi dried tomato pesto base, spinach, roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, zucchini, black olives, feta, basil pesto                                                                    

g2) Zucca - $21
roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, caramelized onion, feta                                                               

 g3) Gambero - $22
garlic base, king prawns, baby spinach, brie cheese                                                                      

 g4) Sweet Chilli Chicken - $21
breast chicken, mushrooms, red onion, chorizo, vintage cheddar                 

g5) Mediterranean - $21                                          
semi dried tomato base, chorizo, spinach, roasted eggplant, roasted capsicum,  
zucchini, vintage cheddar



Please note prices and menu items are subject to change without notice.


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